Why did I receive an emergency alert on Tuesday?

Shay Bottomley

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You may be wondering why your phone made a loud siren noise at around lunchtime this afternoon.

Android users across the country may have heard the sound, which can be quite startling when unexpected.

Do not worry, there is no need to panic.

The Government is planning to release an emergency alert system and conducted its first national test earlier today.

A similar system is used across the world in countries such as Japan, where alerts notify mobile phone users of an emergency in which they may need to take action.

It is used to warn people where there may be a danger to life nearby, such as a terrorist incident, severe flooding, fire or public health emergency as well as the best course of action to take in order to stay safe.

The alert in today’s test will have read: “This is a mobile network operator test of the Emergency Alerts service. You do not need to take any action. To find out more, search for gov.uk/alerts.”

If you do not want to receive emergency alerts, click here.

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