Old Windsor rescue dog 'couple' looking for a new home

Shay Bottomley

Old Windsor rescue 'couple' looking for a new home

A paw-fect couple are seeking a new home to loving owners in Bark-shire.

Seven-year-old Greyhound, Coral, arrived at Battersea’s Old Windsor centre in January after her elderly owner could no longer look after her.

A few weeks later, nine-year-old Saluki, TJ, arrived at the centre following a change in his family’s circumstances.  

TJ and Coral were coupled together to help build the former’s confidence where they provided a foster home by centre manager Kaye Mughal.

The pair’s passion for fitness and long afternoon naps strengthened their love.

Both are now seeking a quiet home with a decent sized garden and are looking for owners who have already cared for a nervous dog and know what to expect from owning a sighthound.

Current fosterer, Kaye, said: “At Battersea we see plenty of the dogs in our care make friends with one another while out on walks or during play dates but rarely, if ever, have we seen such a strong bond develop between two of our residents.

“It has been so special watching both dogs grow in confidence in each other’s company, particularly TJ who has really come out of his shell since Coral came into his life.

“They are an incredibly sweet pair and deserve to live happily ever after, together, in a loving home.

“Although they come as a pair, TJ and Coral do have their own personalities and unique quirks – despite her laidback nature Coral certainly wears the trousers in the relationship, with the more timid TJ preferring to take his companion’s lead until he feels comfortable in his surroundings.

“Their different characters complement one another perfectly though and we have no doubt that both will make fantastic additions to the right home.”

To find out more about Coral and TJ and other rescue dogs looking for love, please visit www.battersea.org.uk/dogs.

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