Campaign launched to bring back roundabout after Olympics

Campaign launched to bring back roundabout after Olympics

Francis Batt

Campaign launched to bring back roundabout after Olympics
Angry Mill Lane residents

A mini-roundabout removed at the insistance of Olympic officials must be restored at once 'before someone is killed'.

That is the grim warning from Carol Meakin, who lives in Mill Lane, Windsor. She is at the forefront of a campaign to get back the old roundabout on Maidenhead Road at the junction of Mill Lane and Parsonage Lane.

It was removed to ease the flow of traffic taking visitors to the Olympic games at Eton Dorney.

Now the residents of Mill Lane want it back. They believe its absence allows traffic to roar at full speed down Maidenhead Road, threatening schoolchildren crossing and drivers trying to turn out of Mill Lane and Parsonage Lane.

Mrs Meakin made an impassioned plea to councillors at last night's meeting of the Royal Borough's highways and transport scrutiny panel for action to restore the roundabout. Instead they decided on a 'consultation' period to consider the issue.

Afterwards Mrs Meakin said: "Someone in the highways office is waiting for someone to be killed before they say 'oops' sorry, better put it back now while a family mourns a death."

Cllr John Fido (Independent: Clewer North) told the meeting that without a mini-roundabout a serious accident was inevitable, telling colleagues: "I do not want blood on my hands and I believe residents must not be penalised for the benefit of a faster traffic flow on the A308."

But councillors have still to make a decision. Five options remain on the table  ranging from leaving the way clear for fast traffic, to reinstalling a mini-roundabout similar to the old one, or a smaller version. A possible strengthening of the current pedestrian crossing to include lights is also under consideration.

Councillors did agree yesterday that the consultation period should be kept as brief as possible, so that a solution can be reached before the dark days of winter.

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