SPONSORED: Visit Magenta Gym at Maidenhead Rugby Club

SPONSORED: Visit Braywick Park Gym at Maidenhead Rugby Club

There was a time when the future of Braywick Park Gym looked bleak, it had had a number of owners in relatively quick succession from the council to the Magnet Group and most recently Legacy Leisure.

When the new Braywick Leisure Centre opened up just down the road many feared it would spell the end of this popular, friendly and intimate gym.

Well now its future is not only secure but also brighter than ever.

A group of personal trainers have partnered with Maidenhead Rugby Club with the collective vision of building on the exiting foundations and benefits the gym enjoys such as ample free car park and its reputation for friendliness to create a gym that is genuinely accessible to all.

 The personal trainers, Chris Lee (Trojan Training), Tikki (Tikki Training), Eddie Johnson (Big Deal Training) and Sami Al-Zaid (Phoenix Rises Fitness) bring with them over 40 years’ experience in the industry along with a loyal customer base and a collective belief that despite the already crowded fitness market there is still space for friendliness, heart, expertise and above all, the personal touch.

Chris Lee said “I have worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years and Tikki, Eddie, Sami and myself are all united behind the belief that we want to create an affordable gym for the many not the few, with membership fees that won’t break the bank.

"We want to create a space where everyone feels comfortable and welcome whether they are our own clients, gym members or people just popping in to have a look round, why not come along and see for yourself.

"So many gyms market themselves with pictures of super fit looking and invariably young models and that can intimidate people. We are not like that, we are just normal people looking to keep fit and have some fun along the way. Anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I am neither young nor a model.”

With its great parking, friendly vibe and enviable location near the running track and green spaces of Braywick Park, Magenta Gym at Maidenhead Rugby Club may not be he shiniest, it may not be the newest, but it is determined to be the best. A bright future beckons.

Email braywickparkgym@maideheadrfc.com 

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