SPONSORED: Welcome to Oxford Business College in Slough

SPONSORED: Welcome to Oxford Business College in Slough

Nelson Mandela rightly said that Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Slough people are lucky enough that a Top Rated Institute of UK based in the historical educational city of Oxford has opened its prestigious branch right in the Town Centre of Slough.

Former Mayors of Slough Preston Brooker and Ishrat Shah who recently visited the campus has appreciated the initiative, first of its kind in the history of Slough. 

BC Slough campus is located at Meridian House in the centre of Slough. Whether you choose to study in one of our campuses, welcoming staff, your experience will be one that will shape your career and life.

It may lead to a career you inspire or the business you want to do after graduation. At the very least, it will give you access to our customised academic resources to make your academic journey easy and exciting, multicultural diversity, friendly environment and incredible quality of life.

A Delegation of Councillors Lead by Cllr Fiza A Matloob, Cllr M Sharif, Cllr Zaffar Ajaib & Cllr Naveeda Qaseem who visited the campus last week were amazed with the facilities provided in the campus.

One of the most important reasons students choose to study at Oxford Business College (OBC) in Slough or any other OBC campus is the high quality of education and enhancement of employability skills.

OBC students have the opportunity to learn from and work with preeminent thought leaders through our THRICE (Theory and Research in Practice) aims to mutually benefit our students and local businesses whilst demonstrating the relevance of theory and research to actual business problems.

The majority of OBC students are mature learners; the term ‘mature students’ covers a large variety of learners of all ages, needs and backgrounds. Many higher education institutions (HEIs) find it challenging to widen access with a limited number of intakes and mode of courses delivery during weekdays (Monday to Friday).

In order to widen mature students participation, OBC has come forward with multiple intakes and courses delivery during weekdays, including evenings and weekends.

Slough is a culturally diverse town with many ethnic minority groups.

The Slough Borough Council’s strategic goal is to progress the equalities agenda for an increasingly diverse community. OBC Slough campus strives to foster an environment where mature prospective students have an equal opportunity to high-quality education, bright future careers and last but not least, opportunities for personal development to become good citizens.

As with all Oxford Business College campuses, a well-equipped classroom, IT labs, a library, and a communal student area are available.

Students have access to smart boards, digital projectors, computers, the Internet, the intranet, and additional online resources.

Students are able to make use of study rooms with free wireless Internet access, as well as print and copy facilities. Local shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues are all within easy walking distance of the campus, which offers a peaceful, quiet learning environment for staff and students alike. National rail and city bus services provide convenient access.

Admissions are started in the campus on first come first serve basis and limited seats are available for rare November 2021 sessions.

Oxford Business College - Slough Berkshire Campus
Meridian House, 2-4 The Grove, Slough SL1 1QP


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