SPONSORED: Revolutionary internet helps businesses adapt to the new normal

SPONSORED: Revolutionary internet helps businesses adapt to the new normal

So much has changed over the last year with businesses now demanding an increased level of reliable connectivity that helps them cater to the flexible workers, new starters and the hot-deskers of today. Connectivity that only UK Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like ‘Giganet’ can provide.

Full fibre is the next generation of internet. It’s faster, more reliable and built for the future with incredible speeds of up to 3Gb/s. As part of a £24 million investment by CityFibre, Slough will benefit from town-wide full fibre network roll-out, unlocking £65 million in business productivity according to research by Regeneris.

Trusted ISPs like Giganet, are the industry experts connecting local businesses in our region to the hyperfast network and enabling companies to access bullet-proof internet. Over 3,000 businesses in Slough have a unique opportunity to upgrade from outdated copper connections built over a decade ago to get some of the fastest speeds in the UK. All they have to do is check if it’s available here.

With a leased line, businesses get guaranteed speeds 24/7. Not just estimates. That’s because Giganet’s internet connection is dedicated for that company’s use and its use only. So, whether it’s peak times or quieter mornings, businesses will consistently get guaranteed speeds.

Along with bandwidth, businesses today need flexibility. Large projects, seasonal work, shift in employee working patterns and busy office days can change how a business operates from one day to the next. That’s why dynamic internet is shaking up business connectivity as we know it.

Giganet’s ‘200 Flex’ is designed to give ultimate flexibility. As a leased line, Flex 200 guarantees 200Mb/s upload and download speeds with the ability to burst up to 1Gb/s at any time. No additional cost. And no need to call, request or prearrange. It’s just there when businesses need it. This future-proofs organisations with up to several hundred employees.

With full fibre growing across the country, it’s now easier and more cost-effective than ever before to upgrade to a dedicated leased line. Right now, eligible businesses can upgrade to gigabit-capable ‘200 Flex’ for just £199/m with one month free through Giganet. Offer only valid until 31st December 2021.

We may not know for sure what the new normal looks like for businesses, but offices and workspaces do need the very best connectivity to support staff and customers in the future. Sharing heavy files and rich content, utilising VoIP phone systems and accessing cloud software becomes a breeze with Giganet’s leased line internet. For the very hungry, Giganet also offers businesses up to 3Gb/s speeds, which makes even the most intensive of business activities efficient, slick, and trouble-free.

To see the complete rundown of full fibre business internet options at your address, get your instant, no-obligation quote here.

For further information please visit us on www.giganet.uk/business

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