Former financial advisor launches rugby coaching company

Former financial advisor launches rugby coaching company

Francis Batt

Former financial advisor launches rugby coaching company

A frustrated rugby lover who hated his job as a financial advisor has found a new vocation - teaching his favourite sport to children as young as 18 months.

David Maskell, 29, of Clewer Hill Road, Windsor teamed up with an old friend Edd Dibb to found Scrumys, a company that gives rugby coaching to youngsters between 18 months and five-years-old.

David said: "I was a financial advisor in London. But I was not happy and knew I needed a change. So I wrote down a list of all my passions and rugby came out on top. I thought 'it is now or I never'."

But how do you set about teaching children that young the basics of a tough game like rugby?

David said: "You would be surprised. Some two and a half year olds can drop kick already. We structure it so that at 18 months they are learning to handle a foam rugby ball. At two they can learn to manoeuvre in and out of cones, it builds from there."

Edd is 28 and lives in Arthur Road. He is a former captain of Taplow's Phoenix Rugby Club. 

David and Edd have the blessing of the RFU (the Rugby Football Union) which runs its own 'pathway' sessions of mini-rugby for six-year-olds.

Scrumys operates from an office in Vansittart Road. It started in September and David and Edd already employ six people, as well as coaching in schools and pre-schools all round the area.

David said: "In some ways It is more stressful than being a financial advisor in some ways but it's good stress. Maybe we will find a Jonny Wilkinson of the future."

David's own children Amelie, seven and Miles, three have both signed up. Girls are as welcome as boys at the rugby sessions.

To find out more you can call David and Edd on 01753 248548.

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