Crime round-up: Two men caught trying to break into a phone box

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams
Thames Valley  Police gives update on response to Covid-19 legislation

The following crimes have been reported in Windsor and surrounding areas in the past week. If you have any information on them, use the online reporting tool at or call 101.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or email

Central Windsor:

Sunday, July 24, 1.15am, Duke Street. Catalytic converter stolen. A witness reports seeing two men interfering with vehicles – possibly stealing the catalytic converters from under cars.

They arrived in a dark car and parked towards the end of the Brewery. Power tools could be heard on a car and one man could be seen under it. The other man stood next to the car. Ref. No: 43220326972

Sunday, July 24, 6.20pm, Frances Road. Silver Land Rover index BV ** TUO, stolen from the road outside a house. Ref. No: 43220327898

Friday, July 22, 4.40pm, / 6.10pm, Leisure Pool Car Park. Locked up bike in a bike rack stolen. A black and yellow, Carrera bike. Ref. No: 43220326276

Sunday, July 24, 2pm-5pm, Oxford Road East / Charles Street. Two bikes locked together. Chain cut and the newest bike stolen. A grey, Carrera bike. Ref. No: 43220327814

Eton and Eton Wick:

Tuesday, July 26, 10.40pm, High Street, Eton. A walk-in theft. An offender walked into a block of flats, stole clothes from hangers in the hallway and attempted to enter one of the flats. Ref. No: 43220331949

Tuesday, July 26, 3.30pm, Tangier Lane, Eton. The owner was at home with windows on the latch. A man called at the front door asking if she wanted to buy fresh fish. He had nothing with him, no uniform indicating his profession, and a no van was visible. The man was joined by a second who appeared to come from the rear of the building. The owner found the window that was previously on the latch was now wide open. The man selling fish is described as white, 40s, 5’4’, grey hair, round build, wearing a plain T shirt and shorts. Second man: A bit taller, with brown hair. He was only seen from the rear. Ref. No: 43220331277

Clewer, Dedworth & Oakley Green:

'Tuesday, July 26, Green Lane. Car passenger window smashed. Sunglasses stolen from the front and tools from the back. Ref. No: 43220331975

Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury:

Thursday, July 21, 10pm – Friday, July 22, 7.30am, Southlea Road, Datchet. Garage break. Door forced and three bikes stolen. 1) A grey, Trek FX man’s hybrid bike; 2) a silver Trek FX2 Disc Stagger Woman’s Step Thru hybrid bike; 3) a dark purple, man’s bike. Ref. No: 43220324625

Sunday, July 24, 12.30pm-5.40pm, Derby Cottages, Horton Road, Horton. Burglary. Entry via forced rear door. House searched – gold jewellery stolen. Ref. No: 43220328078

Monday, July 25, 7pm, M4. Report of a man on a motorway bridge, throwing stones down onto cars. Ref. No: 43220329719

Old Windsor:

Wednesday, July 20, 9.30pm – Thursday, 6am, Parker Mews, Parker Gardens. Car parked on the drive entered by unknown means and searched. Golf clubs and laptop stolen. Ref. No: 43220323950

Thursday, July 21, 2.15pm, Kingsbury Drive. Report of two boys and a girl possibly broke into a garage, searched it and removed items, leaving them outside. Ref. No: 43220322670

Wednesday, July 27, 0.50am, Ouseley Road. Chair stolen from outside a property. Ref. No: 43220332073

Sunday, July 24, 7pm – Monday, July 25, 10am, Tyle Place. Shed break, lock and chain cut and bike stolen. A red bike. Ref. No: 43220329094


Saturday, July 23, 7.10am, Station Road. Report of two men trying to break into a phone box. Ref. No: 43220325627


Sunday, July 24, 1.15am, Highclere. Several reports of two suspicious men walking along the road, walking up and down driveways and looking into windows. Ref. No: 43220326946. Ref. No: 43220326996

Ascot and South Ascot:

Tuesday, July 26, 5pm, Coronation Road / Brockenhurst Road. Shed set on fire, had to be put out by the fire service. Ref. No: 43220331659


No crime to report in Clewer East and Park or North Ascot.

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