The crane has gone

The crane has gone

Francis Batt

The crane has gone

A massive crane that had become part of the landscape outside Daniel department store finally disappeared from view on Tuesday (January 31).

The crane has played a vital part in major reconstruction work taking place on the store's Peascod Street frontage and the immediate interior.

But as the work nears completion a team from the contractors scaled the heights and dismantled the huge machine, causing the road to be closed to all vehicles for a few hours.

Work demolishing 12,000 sq ft of the store began a year ago.

The new facade in Peascod Street and rebuilt interior area should be finished by the end of the summer, when it will connect to the rest of the store.

Edward Durkin, from Daniel, said: "The dismantling of the crane is a momentous occasion which marks a significant turning point in the construction programme.

"We are now focused on planning our new department layouts and completing our vision."

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