Wildlife fan waxes his legs in a tiger costume

Wildlife fan waxes his legs in a tiger costume

Francis Batt

Wildlife fan waxes his legs in a tiger costume

Wildlife fan Richard Holmes showed his 'animal courage' when he had his legs waxed to help the world's threatened tigers.

He started off his fund raising weekend on Friday, February  24, by being sponsored to walk over hot coals at London Zoo. But the highlight came the next day, when he got his legs waxed at his local pub the Black Horse in Dedworth.

A volunteer from the nearby beauty salon TLC Beauty did the waxing but sadistic drinkers could pay to 'tear a strip' off Richard themselves - and they did.

Richard who is an accountant, certainly looked the part, wearing a tiger costume during both his ordeals. He is a former pupil of Burnham Grammar School and lives in Black Horse Close, Dedworth.

The 21-year-old said: "The hot coals were amazing. There was an hour long seminar during which we were told it was all mind over matter. The coals were 500 degrees but it did not hurt a bit.

"I can't say the same for the leg waxing though."

The leg waxing was a real Dedworth affair - even the local Tesco supermarket was involved, donating prizes for a raffle held during the evening. The grand result was £427 for the Tiger SOS project currently being run by London Zoo.

Now Richard is thinking about his next big fund raising plan.

You can make your own contribution visiting justgiving.com/rholmes64

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