'It won't bring Tiddy back'

'It won't bring Tiddy back'

Francis Batt

'It won't bring Tiddy back'

'Justice has been done. But it won't bring Tiddy back'.

That was the reaction of Stephen Hughes, partner of Ami Hartridge who owned the cat brutally killed by sacked postman Alan Vincent.

Stephen attended both days of the trial at which Vincent was convicted of the brutal killing of the helpless cat in Albert Street, Windsor.

The attack happened only yards from her home that Tiddy shared with Stephen, Ami, their daughter Tallulah - who celebrates her third birthday next Friday (March 16) - and the family's other cats.

He was able to report back to Ami that Vincent had been sentenced to 24 weeks in prison.

Vincent's decision to plead not guilty meant that the trial at Reading happened almost a year after the attack on Tiddy. Although the sadness will never fade, there is happy news.

Ami, 34, is expecting a baby in July. She and Stephen, 50, are getting married in May.

Stephen said: "I also want to state my appreciation of the work the RSPCA did bringing this case. Inspector Alan Ramsey has done a remarkable job."

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