Baby girl rescued from locked car

Baby girl rescued from locked car

Amanda Hall

Baby girl rescued from locked car

An 18-month-old baby had to be rescued by firefighters after locking herself in a car in Windsor today.

The baby girl was sat inside the car playing with the keys when she accidently locked the doors.

Firefighters from Windsor had to smash the rear window of the car, which was parked in Alexander Gardens car park in Alma Road, to free the tearful child at about 2.15pm.

Crew manager Che Scott: "The little girl and her mum were both very upset so we had to work as quickly as we could to free her.

"Once she was out everyone was happy.

"It was a bit like an episode of EastEnders, but we felt like we did a good deed for the day."

No one was injured in the incident.

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