Windsor oil slick remains a mystery

Windsor oil slick remains a mystery

Francis Batt

Windsor oil slick remains a mystery

Investigators have drawn a blank in their attempts to pinpoint the source of the two mile oil slick that hit the Thames at Windsor.

The slick took more than two days to contain and led to 70 swans having to be rescued from the river and taken to the Swan Lifeline Centre in Eton for cleaning.

The slick spread between Baths Island at Stovell Road and Romney Lock a fortnight ago before Environment Agency team managed to contain and dissipate it.

This week James Liney from the Environment Agency admitted the EA had been less successful in finding what caused it.

He said: "We have carried out an extensive search for the source of the oil but unfortunately have not been able to establish where it came from.

"There have not been any repeats of the incident during the past two weeks. We will be carrying out pollution prevention visits to the area in the coming weeks and months to explain to businesses the correct methods to dispose of waste oil to prevent a repeat of this sort of incident."

The rescued swans have all been returned to the river by Swan Lifeline.

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