'Problem' mini-roundabout to be removed for Olympics

'Problem' mini-roundabout to be removed for Olympics

Francis Batt

'Problem' mini-roundabout to be removed for Olympics

A roundabout described this week as 'the most irritating chunk of concrete in Windsor' is to be removed.

The mini-roundabout is at the junction of Mill Lane, Parsonage Lane and Maidenhead Road is loathed by motorists who regularly face lengthy tailbacks at peak times.

It was intended to ease life for residents of Mill Lane trying to turn out across rush-hour traffic.

But the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead's traffic chiefs have decided to remove it in the run-up to the Olympics, when extra traffic is expected to flood the town.

Today Cllr Phill Bicknell (Con, Park), cabinet member for highways, admitted the roundabout would not be making a comeback in its present form when the Olympics were over.

"Something will replace it, although whether it will be a replica version or just a blob of paint in the road has to be decided," he added.

He said the roundabout narrowed the road too much, holding up traffic heading up the Maidenhead Road and causing unacceptable hold-ups.

He sympathised with residents in Mill Lane who could not easily turn out of their road because of the traffic but said: "We have the same problem in St Leonard's Hill. Sometimes you just have to rely on other drivers being courteous and letting you out."

Furious Carol Meakin, who lives in Mill Lane, has written to the Express attacking the decision to remove the roundabout as 'utterly selfish and thoughtless'.

She asked: "Were we invited to any meeting regarding this? Thanks very much for not giving any consideration to the people who live here all year and have to still be able to get to work."

But Cllr Tom Bursnall (UKIP, Clewer East) welcomed the demise of the roundabout.

"It is the most irritating chunk of concrete in Windsor," he said.

"It contributes to tailbacks that go back into Windsor as far back as Arthur Road and beyond."

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