Queen celebrates diamond jubilee in Windsor town centre

Queen celebrates diamond jubilee in Windsor town centre

Francis Batt

Queen celebrates diamond jubilee in Windsor town centre

It was a truly 'diamond' occasion for royal fans celebrating their own special occasions when they got to meet the Queen during her Windsor walkabout today.

Well-wishers celebrating a 60th birthday or diamond wedding anniversary had been specially invited to meet the Queen when she stopped off at the Guildhall, during the special jubilee event.

Terry Corrighan, from Maidenhead, was celebrating her 60th birthday today - the day she was introduced to the Queen with her husband of 34 years, Peter.

Mrs Corrighan said: “She is beautiful and fantastic. Who would of thought I would meet The Queen on my 60th birthday? It was such an honour.”

Elizabeth Reeve will be celebrating her 60th birthday on May 10. Mrs Reeve, who has lived in Datchet for 34 years, met the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. She said: “It was just wonderful to meet them both.

“It was a very joyful conversation and enjoyable. They both put me at ease and I felt thrilled to meet her. It was absolutely the best present and an absolutely honour.”

The mayor for the Royal Borough, Cllr Asghar Majeed paid tribute to the Queen's service to the country before presenting her with a stirling silver fountain pen as a gift from the borough.

Addressing a packed Guildhall, Cllr Majeed told the Queen: “For me it is a great privilege to be the mayor of the Royal Borough in your diamond jubilee year. I believe I am only the second one in history, which isn’t bad for a humble Yorkshire lad."

Thousands of people had started gathering on the streets of Windsor two hours before the Queen and the Duke began their walk from Windsor Castle  to the Guildhall.

The two walked on opposite sides of the road along Castle Hill and High Street, greeting and chatting with people behind the barricades on both sides.

The Queen was wearing a maroon hat and dark pink coat and skirt. The wet, windy week that had preceded today's walkabout was forgotten, as the sun shone.

It was as if the good wishes of the whole town had brushed the clouds away for a day.

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