Windsor in top 10 identity fraud hotspot list

Windsor in top 10 identity fraud hotspot list

Nick Mayo

Windsor in top 10 identity fraud hotspot list

Windsor is the tenth identity fraud hotspot in the UK with Slough as number one.

The town has overtaken London as the identity fraud capital of the UK, according to new figures released by information services company Experian.

Slough has 25 identity fraud attempts recorded for every 10,000 households with residents targeted at around four times the UK national average (seven households in every 10,000).

Windsor has 12 attempts for every 10,000 households.

The data shows that there was a surge in identity theft via current accounts and mortgages and, for the first time, young people renting small flats from local councils or housing associations represent the demographic most likely to be targeted by identity fraudsters.

Nick Mothershaw, UK director of identity & fraud services at Experian, said: "Identity fraudsters have traditionally focused the bulk of their attentions on the wealthiest sections of society living in prestigious London postcodes.

"Our research shows that the risk continues to spread, with the highest rates of identity fraud now to be found in the Thames Valley and London's Olympic neighbourhoods."

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