UPDATE: 'Technical fault' caused Legoland power cut

UPDATE: 'Technical fault' caused Legoland power cut

Francis Batt

UPDATE: 'Technical fault' caused Legoland power cut

A power cut shut down Legoland on Sunday causing traffic chaos as thousands of families descended on the world famous theme park.

The blackout hit the park in Winkfield Road, Windsor and its hotel at about 9am. Staff quickly mobilised as the first families of the day arrived, explaining the park was closed and trying to get the cars away quickly. But they were soon overwhelmed.

As the volume of Bank Holiday visitors built up, police had to be called to control the growing chaos.

In the end Imperial Road had to be closed at 10.45am while police had to take up a position at the peanut roundabout at the end of Sheet Street Road to stop traffic heading for Legoland. Explanatory and diversion signs were rushed to the scene.

At one point traffic was snarled up all the way back along the Windsor Eton Relief Road to the M4.

By 11.30am all roads were reopened and the message had got through via Facebook and radio announcements that Legoland was closed. Customers who had prebooked were told they could use their tickets at Thorpe Park or Chessington, both of which are also owned by the Merlin company.

Zoe Cartell from Legoland said: "When it became clear the power cut was not caused by any internal problem and was beyond our control, we made the decision to keep the park shut all day and concentrate on reopening next day.

"We are grateful to the police who did a great job and to our staff who rallied round to help as soon as the problem was discovered."

The theme park was open again yesterday. A spokesman for Southern Electric said: "There was a technical fault that affected the electricity supply to the Legoland site which caused the loss of supply on Sunday. The cause is currently being investigated further."

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