Two swans shot on the Thames

Two swans shot on the Thames

Francis Batt

Two swans shot on the Thames

Two swans have been shot on the Thames.

Wendy Hermon, treatment co-ordinator at Swan Lifeline Rescue Centre in Eton, was called out at 7.30am this morning after a passer-by spotted the injured bird in the river near Barry Avenue.

Wendy said: "It had been shot four times, once in the cheek and three times in the neck. It was covered in blood and it was hard to tell at first what its injuries were."

Fearing it might not be the only victim, Wendy went out in the rescue centre's boat and soon found another swan that had been shot in the wing. Both birds are being treated at the centre in Cuckoo Weir Island.

But Wendy fears the first swan may not recover and said: "It is on a drip but it is very ill and I'm afraid it may not make it. It makes me sick that anyone can do this."

Call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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