Helicopter lands at Household Cavalry Museum

Helicopter lands at Household Cavalry Museum

Paul Miles

Helicopter lands at Household Cavalry Museum

A sculpture of a modern military Chinook CH47-D helicopter has been unveiled at the Household Cavalry Museum in Windsor.

Created by Jon Hamilton-Fford MBE, the former soldier-turned-artist has created the detailed replica which is the first of its kind in the world.

The 9ft long and 5ft wide sculpture, which has been created out of foam board, balsa wood and metal, also features a battery operated lighting system and rotating blades.

Museum curator John Lloyd said: "It’s already creating a lot of interest in military circuits."

The Chinook helicopter is the latest piece of art from Hamilton-Fford, whose portfolio includes more than 200 paintings which have been displayed in galleries in both the UK and abroad.

Mr Lloyd believes that the sculpture, a replica of the Chinook helicopters being used in Afghanistan, will prove popular with those visiting the museum at Combermere Barracks in St Leonard’s Road.

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