UPDATE: Pageant clamp victims to be reimbursed

UPDATE: Pageant clamp victims to be reimbursed

Francis Batt

UPDATE: Pageant clamp victims to be reimbursed

Victims of clamping who had their evening at the Diamond Jubilee Pageant ruined are to be reimbursed.

The Express reported last week how visitors to the fabulous event at Windsor Castle came a cropper on Thursday when the official car park became waterlogged.

They were asked by the pageant organisers to find alternative parking in the town. Some used the private car park opposite in Thames Avenue and came back when the pageant overran, to find they had exceeded the time paid for and had been clamped.

Police were called as anger erupted but the victims had to pay £120 before getting away. Many could not leave the car park until 1.30am on Friday morning.

This week, 70-year-old victim Julie Warschauer revealed that the organisers of the pageant had agreed to reimburse her and her husband, although they had nothing to do with the clamping car park.

She said: "I was very pleased they did this and I'm grateful."

The pageant organisers had handed out letters to drivers who could not use their waterlogged car park warning them to avoid the private one opposite. But not every person got a letter.

Pageant spokeswoman Jo Peck confirmed this week that other victims would be reimbursed if they sent in a request with documentation proving they had been clamped.

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