Windsor residents say modern flats are 'ugly'

Windsor residents say modern flats are 'ugly'

Justin Burns

Windsor residents say modern flats are 'ugly'
Essex Lodge

Disgruntled residents say Windsor's architectural heritage is being eroded by 'ugly' blocks of flats being built on sites of flattened historic buildings.

They say modern property developments are out-of-keeping with central Windsor and changing the fabric in late Victorian and pre-First World War designed areas.

Those highlighted are the turquoise Royal Windsor Quay on the Thames and the planned demolition of 1897-built Essex Lodge in Osborne Road.

A planning enquiry took place into a proposed Berkeley Homes flat-building project at Essex Lodge at the Guildhall last week, which the planning inspectorate will rule on in the coming months.

Estate agent Chris Mosely, of Leyton-Smith and Mosely in Thames Street, said the 'character' of the town is being eroded.

The 55-year-old said: "When people come to Windsor they always ask why there are so many blocks of flats - and say they expect to see historic buildings."

He added traditional family houses are being replaced by 'ugly' blocks of flats and too many developments are taking place.

Roger Cunningham, of York Avenue, who runs the Royal Windsor Forum website, said it is a 'tragedy' that heritage is being confined to history.

The 65-year-old, who has lived in Windsor all his life, said: "I am saddened the town is not the town I know and it is getting very plastic."

Cllr Phill Bicknell (Con, Park) said he does not think the character is being eroded, but said developments reflect 'contemporary times'.

He added: "People have to accept that sometimes buildings need to be replaced."

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