Anger over Mill Lane junction accidents

Anger over Mill Lane junction accidents

Francis Batt

Anger over Mill Lane junction accidents

The row over a vanished roundabout has heated up after two accidents in the space of a fortnight.

The roundabout in Maidenhead Road, Windsor, at the junction of Mill Lane, was taken away at the instigation of the Olympics committee because the route is a vital link to the rowing events at Dorney Lake.

This week Carol Meakin, 63, who used to run the Swan pub in Mill Lane and still lives nearby, described the removal of the roundabout as 'absolute, total disaster'.

She said: "I'm not surprised there have been two accidents. It is amazing no-one was badly hurt. If you try and turn right out of Mill Lane you are filled with dread in case something hits you.

"Older people are terrified to use the crossing. One man did not dare try when a car stopped for him on one side because traffic was coming so fast the other side."

But the Royal Borough's cabinet member for roads Cllr Phill Bicknell (Con, Park) has indicated that there are no plans to put it back after the Olympics.

Cllr Bicknell said this week he had been concerned to hear there had been two accidents. But it was impossible to tell yet if the disappearance of the roundabout had been a cause.

He said: "A full discussion about this site involving the ward councillors will take place after the Olympics.

"Clearly the zebra crossing does not have an island, where people can stop halfway across if traffic is not stopping.

"But we could easily decide to put a crossing worked by lights there, which would give people plenty of chance to cross safely."

He said a prime aim had always been to make it easier for Mill Lane residents to turn in and out of their road.

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