Teenagers rescued from river in Windsor

Teenagers rescued from river in Windsor

Daniel Darlington

Teenagers rescued from river in Windsor

Three people were rescued by firefighters after going for an swim in the Thames this morning.

The two girls and one boy, believed to be in their late teens, got into trouble after entering the water at about 3am, close to Alexandra Gardens.

Two managed to clamber onto a river island and they held their friend in the water while they waited to be rescued.

Two crews from Slough and one from Windsor attended the scene, along with a fire rescue boat from Caversham, Reading. The boat picked up the two on the island and an inflated hose was used to hoist the girl from the river.

Paramedics treated all three at the scene for suspected hypothermia.

“They were all freezing cold,” said firefighter Darren Richard, from Slough fire station.

“One of them was really struggling. They were all put in blankets to keep warm.

"We think they were just going for a swim."

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