Cycle buddies celebrate 70 years of marriage

Cycle buddies celebrate 70 years of marriage

Francis Batt

Cycle buddies celebrate 70 years of marriage

A couple who used to cycle past each other every day have celebrated 70 years of marriage.

Ken and Gwen White, of High Pines in Winkfield Row, used to see each other pedalling along the same hill when they lived in Lincolnshire.

Ken, now 90, was in the same line of business as Gwen's dad, selling fish on the docks.

He said: "He was very strict and I had to ask him for permission to take her to the cinema."

The couple got engaged just as 18-year-old Ken started wartime service in the navy. He served on cargo ships and tankers visiting New York, Texas and Galveston in the States, the Italian coast and Suez Canal.

Now the couple have celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary.

They came to Windsor in 1976 when Ken got a job managing the forecourt of a garage in the town, living in Winkfield Road until last year.

The couple have a son Martin, three children and two great grandchildren - not to mention numerous great great nieces and nephews.

Sadly their platinum celebrations were delayed when Gwen, 89, suffered an attack of shingles.

But she is now well on the road to recovery.

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