Pensioners trapped in lift 'disgusted' at response time

Pensioners trapped in lift 'disgusted' at response time

Justin Burns

Pensioners trapped in lift 'disgusted' at response time
Helen Grainger and Mary Ollington

Pensioners trapped in a Windsor town centre lift for more than an hour say they are 'disgusted' about the time it took to free them.

Mary Ollington, 73, and Helen Grainger, 65, both of Albert Street, are still recovering from the time stranded inside it on Saturday.

The best friends got in a lift from the coach park in the Arches at 1.15pm hoping to be taken up to the Royal Windsor Shopping centre.

But they say after the doors closed nothing happened, the intercom to speak to the operators was broken and they heard nothing after ringing the emergency bell.

Mother-of-two Mary said after 'shouting and shouting' and still hearing nothing she called the fire brigade at 2.04pm from her mobile phone.

And she said when firefighters rescued them at 2.20pm they told them they had not been contacted by anyone.

"We were not very happy and it was very, very worrying. I cannot stand for long periods and have breathing problems," she said.

Mary said to add insult to injury they got a call from shopping centre staff at 2.40pm asking if they were still trapped inside.

"It was farce and I was disgusted I got the call more than an hour after, asking if we were still stuck," she said.

"It was lucky we both had mobile phones otherwise we would have just had to stay there - it could have been a lot worse."

The Royal Borough said lift contractors Axis Elevators received a call from a mobile phone number at 1.49pm.

Paul Cummings, divisional head of engineering, said in accordance with an agreed emergency callout procedure an engineer attended at 2.30pm and found the lift was working.

He added: "The coach park staff check the emergency auto dial system in the lift every day and we have no reports of this dialler being out of service.

"We are in contact with the contractor to establish the exact details of the recorded phone call."

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