Baby's life saved by paramedics in home birth drama

Baby's life saved by paramedics in home birth drama

Francis Batt

Baby's life saved by paramedics in home birth drama

Heroic paramedics saved a baby girl's life when a young mum went into labour at home.

The drama happened after an emergency phone call from a home in Windsor, where 31-year-old Kerry Wallis had gone into labour with her second child.

Paramedics Steve Kurtz and Ben Terry from the ambulance centre in Slough arrived on the scene within eight minutes.

Kerry had been caught out by the speed of her labour. Her contractions were just a minute apart and the midwife was delayed in traffic 40 minutes away. So Ben - who is newly qualified - and Steve attended to Kerry, helped by her partner, 37-year-old Neil Flynn.

Steve said: "It quickly became apparent the baby was experiencing serious problems. Her head was born but the shoulders were stuck and she was turning purple."

Facing a critical emergency that occurs in less than one per cent of births, Steve managed to manipulate the baby's shoulder out and 9lb 10oz Lara Mae was born.

Steve said: "Ben immediately started to rub her with a dry towel to stimulate her breathing. I gave her a couple of inflation breaths and she started crying.

"We let Neil cut the cord, before holding his new daughter.

"This was by far the most difficult birth I have been involved with."

Happy dad Neil said: "Steve and Ben did an amazing job without the midwife present, responding very quickly to the difficult situation and making us both feel at ease. Lara Mae was unharmed in any way."

Kerry said: "Steve's wife and children must be very proud of him. We hope he keeps on doing what he's doing for many years as the world needs people like him."

Steve has two sons aged one and two, both of whom he delivered himself.

Lara Mae has a two-year-old sister, Jessica.

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