Reward offered after vandals attack Windsor's jubilee fountain

Reward offered after vandals attack Windsor's jubilee fountain

Francis Batt

Reward offered after vandals attack Windsor's jubilee fountain

A £1,000 reward is being offered in a bid to catch the mindless vandals who wrecked Windsor's diamond jubilee fountain.

The thugs are believed to have struck on Thursday night, snapping off more than 60 of the water jets and causing £1,500 worth of damage.

Now angry councillors are fighting back. Cllr Simon Dudley, the Royal Borough's cabinet member for adult and community services, is determined the vandals will pay for what they have done.

He said: "We are absolutely determined to catch the perpetrators of this senseless, mindless act of vandalism and we are putting up a £1,000 reward for information leading to prosecution."

CCTV cameras opposite the fountain are being scrutinised.

Meanwhile the pool has been drained and the fountain fenced off as contractors work to repair the broken jets and further protect them with new stainless steel cages, at a cost to tax payers of £4,000. It is hoped the fountain will be operational again in two weeks' time.

Cllr Dudley said: "The fountain is a beautiful and very much-admired landmark celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It has become a popular attraction for both residents and visitors alike and we will do everything we can to restore it to its original glory as soon as possible."

Anyone who has information about the incident should contact Kevin Mist, the Royal Borough's head of leisure services, on 01628 796443.

Days after the £107,600 fountain's opening in July it was filled with washing up liquid or detergent, making the water soapy.

The following week it had to be closed again due to damage caused by enthusiastic paddlers.

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