Parish offers £100 reward for dog foul information

Parish offers £100 reward for dog foul information

Francis Batt

Parish offers £100 reward for dog foul information

A village has declared war on selfish dog walkers who make life a messy misery for neighbours using the recreation ground.

This week Jane Dawson, chairman of Old Windsor Parish Council, explained why she and her colleagues are offering a £100 reward for information leading to the conviction of anyone allowing their dog to foul the ground in Robin Willis Way.

She said: "It has become so unpleasant. Several football clubs use the ground, some of the players are children.

"They have to get someone to go round the ground clearing up the dog mess before they can play.

"There are a few selfish dog owners who do not care and we felt we had to do something."

The problem has become a major cause of concern in the village and spreads beyond the recreation ground onto roads and verges.

Now a sign has been placed in the recreation ground announcing the reward for information about people who 'let their dogs foul the recreation ground without having the decency to clear it up'.

Gathered round the sign to launch the campaign this week were Jane, Chris Andrews, who is the parish council's lead member for the environment, and the village PCSO Jessica Covey.

They were joined by Margaret Andrews, from the Neighbourhood Action Group, and several villagers, including responsible dog walkers.

Jane has advice for people who see someone letting their dog foul the ground. She said: "It is important to make a note of the exact time. Getting a description of the owner and of the dog - its breed and markings - can also help.

"Find a fellow witness if you can."

Offenders can be reported to the parish council clerk John Lee on 01753 733087.

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