Battersea Old Windsor's cattery at full capacity

Tara O'Connor

Tara O'Connor

Battersea Old Windsor's cattery at full capacity

Cat lovers are being called on to give a new home to unwanted felines from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

The cattery, in Priest Hill, has reached full capacity and is urgently appealing for people to help home the ‘golden oldies’.

The rescue centre has seen an influx of 14 to19-year-old cats which are harder to re-home because of their age.

Cattery team leader Caroline Shilton, who has had five rescue cats herself, said it is not the first time the rescue centre has become full but was not something which happened frequently.

She said: “The majority of cats have previously lived in homes so new owners can get a really full picture on the cat that they are taking on.

 “There are a lot of stable homes and people have their cats for along time, sometimes people have to move house and can’t look after them any more. It is particularly a problem round here.

“People tend to focus on re-homing younger cats and sometimes they feel that if they re-home an older cat they won’t get much time with it.”

Battersea deals with reaching full capacity by using foster families for some of the cats but always has a few spare beds for unexpected strays.

On average, the Old Windsor site takes care of 650 cats, 30 per cent of which are strays. Most of the current cats are older, meaning they are staying much longer in the charity’s care.

Caroline added: “Sometimes people don’t think about re-homing an abandoned cat but people find it a rewarding experience.”

To find out more about giving a cat a new home or becoming a fosterer, call Battersea Old Windsor on 01784 494443 or email

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