Raw sewage gushes outside nursery in Windsor

Tara O'Connor

Tara O'Connor

Raw sewage gushes outside nursery in Windsor

A parent, who did not want to be named, told the Express that he had to carry his four-year-old daughter from Little Monkey’s nursery in St Leonards Road.

He said: “Raw sewage was gushing from the ground and flooding the entrance.

“The manhole cover was open so I couldn’t drive in, there is no other access to the site, so the only option was to wade through the sewage.

“Obviously the biggest concern is for the health of the children and walking the sewage into the nursery.”

He went on to say it was ‘by far the most serious’ flooding he had seen from the drain, which has been prone to flooding for a few weeks.

Hannah Williams, nursery manager, said the problem was resolved by Thames Water on Wednesday after the drain flooded on Friday, April 15.

She said: “Luckily we (the staff) didn’t have to cross it and it didn’t affect the playground.

“It is due to the heavy rain and there was flooding over a couple of weeks but the problem has been solved now.”

Thames Water confirmed it had cleared a large blockage of fat and wet wipes from the sewer before cleaning the pipe. A possible area of damage will also be investigated

A spokeswoman for the company said: “Sewer flooding is a miserable experience and lives are impacted when the wrong things are put down sinks and toilets, instead of in the bin.

“That’s when we see sewage backing up through manholes or, in the worst cases into nearby homes and businesses.”

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