Volunteers needed at Windsor day centre

Volunteers needed at Windsor day centre

Sophie Flowers

Volunteers needed at Windsor day centre

HELPING HANDS: Ray Phelps (left), Fran Rowntree, Norman Oakley and Margaret Glazier at the day centre.
Help older people enjoy a filling lunch by volunteering for King George VI Day Centre.

The Clarence Road day centre opened in 1958 and caters for an average of 26 people each day from Monday to Thursday.

Manager Pat Gare said the visitors, aged from their 60s to 90s, often live on their own and are lonely.

The Bexley Street householder said: "If they live on their own then in some cases they don't get out to see people. If they've got problems with their hips and legs then it's difficult for them to get on the bus and go somewhere."

She added: "They know that when they come here there will be a variety of people they can choose to talk to. They look forward to it; our members say that it is the best lunch in Windsor."

The day centre serves people from all over Windsor, including those in sheltered accommodation, and offers a weekly hairdresser, gentle exercise classes and regular visits by a chiropodist.

Pat, 60, said: "It's hard work and fun. You imagine walking into a day centre and finding lots of dusty old people but it's not like that - it's a much more lively atmosphere."

The centre is looking for a relief cook to prepare a simple three course meal while the regular cook is away. Anyone volunteering will be invited to help as a kitchen assistant first to get to know the kitchen. 

Drivers are also needed to collect members from their homes and then return them after lunch. Volunteers must be aged 21 or over, with a clean driving licence and their own car. Eight volunteers help run the centre but more people are needed to help organise fundraising activities, such as jumble sales, in the spring.

Call Pat on 01753 853654 to volunteer.

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