Woman claims falling bin 'could have killed me'

Woman claims falling bin 'could have killed me'

Philip Dewey

Woman claims falling bin 'could have killed me'
Julie Blackwell, 59, was hit by the bin while walking down Hatch Lane opposite the Convent Court Apartments.

'It could have killed me' was the reaction from a woman hit by a falling bin while out shopping in Windsor.

Julie Blackwell was walking along Hatch Lane at 12.15pm on Tuesday, opposite the Convent Court Apartments, when she was hit by the industrial-sized bin which was being emptied by a Royal Borough dustcart.

The 59-year-old was left with bruising to her ribs and a swollen elbow as a result of the incident.

Julie, who lives in Gordon Road, Clewer, said: "The bin dropped from the cart and threw itself at me on the pavement.

"It went backwards into my side and hit my elbow and I managed to grab a bin to stop me from falling down.

"It could have killed me and if it had been an older person or a child I'm sure it would have done."

The cleaner, who is also a carer for her 90-year-old mother, did not need hospital treatment.

She has made a complaint to the council and environmental services company Veolia, which carries out the bin collections, and is hoping for a change in policy.

"It was like something had come from nowhere out of the sky and hit me," she said.

"They should have somebody on the pavement to stop people walking by the dustcart to make sure no one is coming by.

"They should take more care when doing these things."

A spokeswoman from the Royal Borough said: "We hope that Mrs Blackwell feels better soon.

"This unfortunate incident was reported to us and our waste contractor Veolia who are now carrying out a full investigation."

A Veolia spokeswoman said: "We can confirm one of our vehicles was emptying a bin and the bin lid struck a member of the public who suffered minor injuries.

"The vehicle was immediately returned to the workshop, where a full inspection was carried out, although no defects were found. 

"We are currently undertaking a further investigation."

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