Lifelong Windsor resident celebrates 100th birthday

Lifelong Windsor resident celebrates 100th birthday

Francis Batt

Lifelong Windsor resident celebrates 100th birthday

A great-grandmother who once cut and styled ladies' hair at her dad's Windsor hairdressing shop has been celebrating her 100th birthday.

Joan Capon, of the Meads, Clarence Road, Windsor has lived in the town all her life.

Her dad Sam Peck ran the hairdressers shop in Peascod Street in the 1930s when she worked for him.

This week Joan said: "It was not all that easy. It got tiring being on your feet but you did meet people. Everybody wanted their permanent wave in those days."

Meeting her husband-to-be Ernest Coke - a printer at nearby Luff's stationery shop in St Leonards Road - changed her life.

The couple married and had a son, John. Both father and son were scout leaders with the 1st Eton Wick and Boveney pack over the years.

During the war Ernest served in the Middle East while Joan worked in the office of the Fire Service, providing back-up support for the men battling the bombs.

She was widowed for a second time when her second husband Fred Capon died - both were pensioners when they married.

Joan has two grandchildren Peter and Laura and two great-grandchildre,n William and Henry.

She celebrated her big day on Thursday, September 18 with a small party for friends at the Meads - she was one of the first residents to move in when the flats were built.

On Friday, September 19 she enjoyed a family tea party at Oakley Court Hotel, in Windsor Road.

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