Controlled explosion carried out in Windsor for 'unexploded WW2 mortar'

Controlled explosion carried out in Windsor for 'unexploded WW2 mortar'

Controlled explosion carried out in Windsor for 'unexploded WW2 mortar'

A controlled explosion of a suspected unexploded Second World War mortar in Windsor took place today.

Thames Valley Police and the Royal Navy were on the scene.

The police force tweeted this morning to say the operation was pre-planned and there was 'no cause for alarm'.

Updates to follow.

UPDATE, 11.30AM:

Express reporter Paul Miles is at the scene in Windsor where the controlled explosion is set to take place. He has tweeted more details of the operation: 

UPDATE, 11.40AM:

Paul reports the road closure will affect King Edward VII Avenue, across the Victoria Bridge.

Express photographer Matthew Phillips is also at the scene.

UPDATE, 11.45AM:

Paul says police divers found the mortar two weeks ago during a planned crime search of the river. He says a police diver has told him finds like this - especially mortars - are now very rare.

UPDATE, 12.07pm:

More from photographer Matthew Phillips:

UPDATE, 12.13pm:

UPDATE, 12.15pm:

Road closures on King Edward VII Avenue are now in place while the device is lifting out of the water.

UPDATE, 12.26pm:

The bomb is being prepared for detonation:

UPDATE, 12.33pm:

UPDATE 3.01pm:

Thames Valley Police has sent us over some images of the controlled explosion:

Photo courtesy of Thames Valley Police


Photo courtesy of Thames Valley Police


Thames Valley Police has confirmed that members of a TVP Specialist Search and Recovery Team and the Royal Navy Bomb disposal team arrived at the Victoria Bridge by King Edward VII  Avenue at around 8am.

It was safely and successfully detonated at 12.40pm.

PC Rupert Jones of the SSRT said: “This was a successful operation and we are very pleased with the outcome which caused minimal disruption to the public.”



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