Furious pensioner's rebellion at Tesco pub plans

Furious pensioner's rebellion at Tesco pub plans

Francis Batt

Furious pensioner's rebellion at Tesco pub plans

A furious pensioner says he will cut up his Tesco loyalty card on the day the company opens its planned new store on the site of the former Three Elms pub.

Edward May, 73, and his wife Mary, 74, live in Parsonage Lane near the site of the old pub in Clarence Road, Windsor.

They failed to persuade councillors on the Royal Borough's licensing panel on Friday to refuse permission for Tesco to sell alcohol until 11pm, when they open their proposed store on the site in February.

Mr May said: "People already come up Clarence Road swearing, shouting and hollering. A shop selling alcohol on the spot will create havoc and destroy the area."

After the meeting Mr May said he would never shop in Tesco again and would cut up his loyalty card the day the company opened the new store.

Solicitor for Tesco Jeremy Bark rejected a call from Mr and Mrs May for Tesco to voluntarily stop selling alcohol at 9pm. He said: "We are a convenience store, which means our customers are entitled to avail themselves to our full range of goods at a time that's convenient for them."

He said that 95 per cent of alcohol sales in Tesco stores were part of a wider shop and that staff were carefully trained not to serve people who were noisy or drunk.

The proposed new store has been bitterly opposed by some residents who fear it will destroy nearby small businesses. They also fear large daily delivery lorries will cause traffic chaos.

Legally Tesco does not need planning permission to change the old pub into a store. Councillors granted planning permission a fortnight ago for minor changes to be made to the building by Tesco, after being advised by their officers there were no legal grounds to refuse.

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