Windsor vacant shop rates below national average

Windsor vacant shop rates below national average

Hannah Crouch

Windsor vacant shop rates below national average

The percentage of vacant shops in Windsor is faring well against national averages.

Town manager, Paul Roach, provided a verbal update on both empty retail spaces and temporary shops at the Windsor Town Forum on Monday.

Speaking to members, Mr Roach stated the number of vacant spaces in the main shopping area 'has been going down'.

“Out of our 372 shops, just under six per cent are vacant, which against the national average of 10.1 per cent shows you how well we are doing.

“We are trying to get it down to five per cent by March 2015 and we should be able to do that but the weeks leading up to Christmas is a difficult time and can be volatile,” he added.

One area causing most concern is the top part of Peascod Street where there has been a number of short term lets.

Mr Roach said: “The problem we have with the vacancies in that area is they are very small spaces so we have been talking about landlords being able to have the opportunity to combine units.”

The issue of how these vacancies affect the appearance of the town was mentioned, with Mr Roach speaking to members about the potential for wrap-around posters, subject to funding and the agreement from landlords.

The posters would be in keeping with the style of the town and will help ensure the look of the street does not deteriorate.

The meeting took place at The Guildhall in the High Street at 6.30pm. 

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