Civvy street blues - Frustrated Windsor soldier says the army needs to do more

Civvy street blues - Frustrated Windsor soldier says the army needs to do more

Paul Miles

Civvy street blues - Frustrated Windsor soldier says the army needs to do more

A frustrated soldier from Windsor is calling on army chiefs to ensure more is done to help those injured while serving Queen and country.

David Wright injured his back while serving in Afghanistan in 2011 and was medically discharged two weeks ago as he prepares to undergo spinal fusion surgery.

But the 34-year-old, who served with the Household Cavalry for almost 10 years, feels that soldiers with ‘hidden injuries’ -– less obvious conditions than comrades with visible signs of battleground trauma -– are not being given fair amounts of compensation.

The dad-of-one is appealing a one-off £30,000 Ministry of Defence payment that does not include a pension until he is 65, and says he has been left in limbo because the army has discharged him before the case is concluded.

“People need to know what’s happening, the system is not working,” he said.

David now faces a long period of rehabilitation following surgery, a period in which he will not be able to work. He is only able to stay in his army home because of his wife, who is also serving in the forces. The couple have a three-year-old son and will have to rely on a sole income.

“I feel very much used in a way in that I have been giving 110 per cent and it is not coming back the other way,” added David, a former car salesman. He feels the MOD needs to make a final decision on financial support for service personnel before they make the transition back to civilian life.

“It is a big jump and if you have an injury it is an even bigger jump,” he added. “It is about saving money and getting you out of the door. If it’s happening to me it is happening to other people as well.”

“They are just walking out into civvy street never to be seen again.”

An MOD spokesperson said: “We recognise the invaluable contribution of our service personnel and are determined to make sure that individuals injured as a result of their service get all the support they need.

“We have a number of comprehensive schemes in place to provide financial compensation and other support.

“We have also worked hard to ensure they get the best possible medical care and support."

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