Taxi drivers want 'restrictive' paint-job policy dropped

Taxi drivers want 'restrictive' paint-job policy dropped

Simon Meechan

Requests from taxi drivers to scrap a requirement that Hackney Carriages should be decked out in Royal Borough colours should be considered, a council report recommends.

A petition signed by 168 Hackney Carriage drivers asks the borough to remove the requirement for cabbies to have their cars painted in Royal Borough colours.

It says the rules are 'restrictive' and give mini-cab drivers an advantage on the private market.

It adds: "We are unable or have lost our executive work.

"More vehicles are looking for rank space for this reason, and causing inconvenience to the residents in town."

The drivers argue instead that all Hackney Carriages be painted white to distinguish them from private hire cabs.

The petition asks for permission to use the back of cars to advertiser Royal Borough tourist sites, and asks the council to let drivers register wheelchair accessible cars that are under five years old, instead of three.

A report to be heard by the licensing panel at Maidenhead Town Hall on Tuesday asks councillors to consider the requests.

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