Markers created for Royal Windsor Walkway

Markers created for Royal Windsor Walkway

Philip Dewey

Markers created for Royal Windsor Walkway

Markers have been created for the Royal Windsor Walkway which looks to highlight landmarks in the town.

The Outdoor Trust, responsible for creating the walkway, commissioned the gunmetal markers which will be used to mark 63 spots on the 6.32km trail to celebrate the Queen's anniversary as the longest serving monarch in British history.

The markers, which include the royal coat of arms, were made at The Foundry in Bradford and have been sent to the Photocast factory in Liverpool to be finished off.

The first draft of the historical text to accompany the markers has nearly been completed but Outdoor Trust director Jim Walker said there are still a few adjustments left to make.

"I have spent time talking to the Windsor and Eton Society and the Windsor and Royal Borough Museum to figure out what should be included in the route," he said.

"They have pointed out to me lots of little things that I didn't know about Windsor and there are still a few question marks but we will be exploring all options."

The walkway is expected to be completed in time for the anniversary in September.

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