Councillor warns of housing crisis in Windsor should Heathrow Airport expand

Councillor warns of housing crisis in Windsor should Heathrow Airport expand

Philip Dewey

Councillor Malcolm Beer

A housing crisis in Windsor could be caused if expansion at Heathrow Airport is given the go ahead, according to a Royal Borough councillor.

Cllr Malcolm Beer (Independent, Old Windsor) spoke at a public meeting arranged by Old Windsor Residents' Association and West Windsor Residents' Association (WWRA) on Tuesday (Jan 20) to talk about potential effects on Windsor, Datchet and Eton.

The Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee and Local Authorities Aircraft Noise Council member warned that an increase of 112,000 jobs at Heathrow would lead to more people moving to the Royal Borough and could lead to a housing crisis.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Beer said: "My key point is that in order to facilitate 112,000 workers, there will be far greater economic and business activity in the area that bumps up the number of workers.

"We haven’t got a huge unemployment problem so there will be a lot of people coming to the area required to live or commute, which will create a big impact."

He added that in order to accommodate the workers, Heathrow had calculated 70,000 houses would have to be built across 14 local authorities, an increase of 5,000 houses in the Royal Borough.

"We are having awful travel in looking at providing 12,500 extra houses in Windsor and Maidenhead just on current predictions", Cllr Beer said.

"The whole climate and atmosphere in Windsor will be a different world to us. To put such a historic town such as Windsor under this is staggering and the whole thing is inconceivable."

Other speakers at the meeting included Paul Jennings and Rod Paul from Oakely Green and Fifield Residents’ Association about Heathrow, John Holdstock of WWRA about noise issues, and Cllr Wisdom Da Costa (Independent, Clewer North) on health issues.

The meeting took place at Royal Windsor Racecourse.

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