Prime Minister David Cameron praises Conservative proposals to cut council tax in the Royal Borough

Prime Minister David Cameron praises Conservative proposals to cut council tax in the Royal Borough

Lucy Elder

The Prime Minister has congratulated the Royal Borough on their proposals to cut council tax again.

The 2.1 per cent cut was proposed last week and means council tax payers in a Band D property will pay about £20 less in 2015/16 than this year if the proposals are approved.

The cut proposed in the Conservative Party’s budget would make it six years without a council tax increase in Windsor and Maidenhead.

This, the Conservatives say, represents a 30 per cent reduction in six years

“I congratulate RBWM for cutting their council tax, leaving people in the area with more of their own money to spend or save as they wish," said David Cameron.

"Under Labour, council tax doubled and they still want to hike taxes on family homes. Conservatives have been working with councils to keep council tax down, giving hard-working people greater financial security.

“Conservative councils like RBWM charge lower council taxes than Labour or Liberal Democrats, delivering more for less, by cutting waste and running services better.”

Maidenhead MP Theresa May and Windsor MP Adam Afriyie have also praised the proposed cut.

The Home Secretary said it was 'good news' for local residents.

"Yet again our Conservative councillors are proving that you can get more for less – cutting council tax whilst protecting and improving local services," she said.

“This is the sixth cut in council tax from the Conservative council. I welcome this 2.1 per cent cut in council tax for 2015/16, which will ensure that local residents get to keep more of their hard-earned money.

"By making sensible efficiencies and cutting waste, the Royal Borough can continue to deliver excellent services and maintain its reputation as a low-tax council.”

Windsor MP Adam Afriyie added a 30 per cent cut is 'truly exceptional'.

“I have to say that this is simply excellent news for residents, and I take my hat off to Council leader David Burbage, the Royal Borough and the hardworking Conservative councillors who have cut Council Tax for the sixth year running," he said.

The move has also been commended by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles.

He congratulated the Royal Borough Tories and said their track record for reducing the tax burden on their residents is 'unrivalled'.

What do you think of the proposals to lower council tax?

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