Windsor dog owner issues warning after 'unprovoked attack' on pet

Windsor dog owner issues warning after 'unprovoked attack' on pet

David Lee

Windsor dog owner issues warning after 'unprovoked attack' on pet

A traumatised Windsor dog owner has called for people to be careful when letting their pets off the lead after her dog was savaged in an 'unprovoked attack'.

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 Viv Eymor, who lives in Wolf Lane, was walking her three-year-old miniature schnauzer Lucy along Wyatt Road when she noticed a white bull terrier charging out of the nearby Castle Farm Spinney woods.

The bull terrier approached Viv’s dog, which was on a lead, and than began to attack.

"Lucy tried to protect herself but it just got hold of her and totally savaged it," said Viv.

The mortified owner of the bull terrier tied her dog up after the attack but it managed to break free and attack Lucy again.

"I don't know how it broke free but it was determined to kill my dog. My poor Lucy never stood a chance," Viv added.

A passing stranger helped Viv carry her bloodied dog to her car following the attack at 5pm on Thursday, February 5.

She drove her to Forest House Vets in Clewer Hill Road where Viv said vets were shocked by the extent of her dog's injuries.

The three-year-old's front left leg was crushed at the joint while her front right leg was broken and 'dangling off'.

Viv said she remains in a critical condition.

"They [the vets] have been fantastic and saved her life against all the odds," she added.

Samantha Murphy, a friend of Viv’s who reported the attack to the Express, said she was surprised the bull terrier had not been placed on a lead.

"I am a dog owner myself and I can't get my head round it," she added.

Thames Valley Police confirmed officers had spoken to both dog owners but said the incident could not be considered a criminal offence as it was classified as a dog on dog attack.

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