Zombies set to take over Windsor next Saturday

Zombies set to take over Windsor next Saturday

David Lee

Zombies set to take over Windsor next Saturday

Pack your bags and run for the hills as a zombie apocalypse is coming to Windsor.

GRUESOME: Evie Wolloff, a member of Riva Williams' make-up team, shows off what could be in-store for the Windsor zombie walkers. Photographs supplied by kind permission of Pixelboom Ltd (www.pixelboom.co.uk)


 More than 100 people have signed up to take part in Windsor’s first zombie walk on Saturday, March 7.

Steve Nash, organiser of the event, said he hopes the walk will make history and will become a regular feature in the town. But where did his idea for the night of the walking dead come from?

“Being a diehard zombie fan, growing up watching zombie movies and seeing the whole zombie culture get bigger and bigger I thought it would be a great opportunity to organise, not just a zombie walk but a night of terror,” said Steve.

Zombie lovers will start the evening stroll at 6pm at the Firestation arts centre in St Leonards Road, where make-up artist Riva Williams will be offering her special-effects make-up.

Lovers of gore will be able to get their faces gruesomely painted and there will even be bottles of fresh blood on sale.

After passing quarantine, the zombies are set to walk around Windsor with the Firestation’s Dan Eastmond handing out prizes for the best-dressed zombie.

Event organiser Steve has also challenged zombie walkers to come dressed as members of the Monarchy, but he expects an array of members of the walking dead to be on show.

“We’ve had loads of interest from people coming in. I’ve had some people say they’re coming as a Zombie DJ and we’ve also had a zombie Kat Slater,” Steve added.

A showing of movie Zombieland at the Firestation will complete the night of terrifying fun.

 “From the response we’ve had, it’s plain to see that people are looking forward to getting zombified,” Steve said.

A similar event has proved a success in Maidenhead.

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