Royal Borough rejects plans for 15-metre high mobile mast

Royal Borough rejects plans for 15-metre high mobile mast

David Lee

A mobile phone company’s plans to install a 15-metre high base station in a residential street in Windsor have been rejected by the Royal Borough.

Telefonica UK (O2) applied to build the mobile mast at the junction of Bulkeley Avenue and St Leonards Road last January to help boost signal for O2 and Vodafone customers.

But residents living nearby in Bulkeley Avenue opposed the proposals as they said the towering mast could endanger children living nearby and decrease house prices by 30 per cent.

Chris Hilton, director of the Royal Borough's Development and Regeneration said the mast represented ‘a prominent and obtrusive form of development that would detract from the visual amenities, character and appearance of the area.’

Ilana Clark, community liaison officer for CTIL, Telefonica’s site installation manager, said: “The application for this proposed base station was refused due to the impact on the street scene.

“We are now considering our options in the local area.

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