Gary Barlow surprises lucky couple on their wedding day

Gary Barlow surprises lucky couple on their wedding day

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Gary Barlow surprises lucky couple on their wedding day

One very lucky bride had the most important day of her life made slightly more special on Good Friday, when Gary Barlow of Take That made a surprise visit to sing her favourite song.

Danielle and Darrel Jones with Gary Barlow – photo by Gary Fielder of Fielder Photography


When Danielle Jones, from Bracknell, arrived at the Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor for her wedding reception after marrying Darrel Jones, she had no idea the Ivor Novello Award-winning singer and song writer would be appearing – until she saw him, microphone in hand, about to start singing A Million Love Songs.

Bridesmaids Kirsty Miles and Becky Young had known however, for more than three months, after campaigning on Twitter to get the star to the bash.

In January Barlow had announced on Twitter that, after receiving so many requests to sing at weddings, he would be attending three in 2015.

There was one condition however, the weddings had to be for "HUGE fans" who "stalk" him on Twitter.

And so, using the Twitter hashtag #getgarytodanswedding the pair convinced the star to choose them and even managed to keep it a total secret from the bride.

And, as well as most of the guests, another one who was caught of guard by the appearance was photographer Gary Fielder, who resolved to keep snapping, despite his own astonishment.

He said: “I’ve covered several wedding over the years were celebrities have attended, and sometimes performed.

“However I have always been subject to confidentiality agreements, so it’s a real treat to be able to share this fantastic story.

“What a great guy Gary Barlow is and it was real pleasure to meet him.”

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