US Young Republicans heading to Windsor as 'election observers'

US Young Republicans heading to Windsor as 'election observers'

Hannah Crouch

A team organised by the US Young Republicans International Committee is to visit Windsor during the election.

A spokeswoman from Conservative parliamentary candidate Adam Afriyie's office confirmed the group would be 'election observers' only.

“We have hundreds of hardworking Conservative candidates and helpers across the Windsor constituency who are campaigning to keep taxes low and the economy on track, and it's pretty normal practice for overseas political parties to visit and observe each other during elections campaigns,” said Mr Afriyie.

“Similar study visits are hosted by Socialist International and Liberal International.

“I don't know their plans right now, but young people who are interested in UK democracy would be welcome if a visit is scheduled, and I would certainly encourage our young people to visit other countries during their elections too.”

The committee educates emerging Republican leaders.

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