LOCAL ELECTIONS 2015: Green Party candidates for the Royal Borough

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2015: Green Party candidates for the Royal Borough

With the local elections just a few days away, we're asking candidates standing for a seat on the Royal Borough council to submit biographies about themselves so you can know a little bit more about them.

We are aiming to put up biographies for as many candidates as possible, published on a party-by-party basis.

The Conservatives and Labour candidate bios are up, while Lib Dem candidates standing in Maidenhead will also be profiled in the coming days.

If you are a UKIP candidate, independent, are standing for another party, or a Lib Dem candidate in the Windsor area and would like your biography included in our coverage, please email your submission to jamesp@baylismedia.co.uk in a similar style to the ones below.

Please note: These biographies have come directly from the candidates and were not written by our staff. Style, content and grammar may vary, while any views expressed in the biographies do not represent those of the Advertiser or Express.


Ascot & Cheapside Ward

Lucas Ruzo

Lucas Ruzo is the son of Danish and Austrian parents. He spent most of his life living throughout Europe before moving to Edinburgh in 2010, where he spent the next four years studying for his undergraduate degree in Zoology. He became political engaged in 2011 with the Scottish Green Party and was actively involved in the campaign for Scottish Independence in 2014. He recently moved down to England to do his graduate degree in Conservation Science at Imperial College London's Silwood Campus. He is interested in pragmatic, evidence based policies which help balance economic and social development with environmental sustainability.




John Barron

John Barron has lived in England since 1987, arriving as a young adult after growing up in Zimbabwe, and first settling in Cambridgeshire. He is now divorced after some years of marriage, and has no children of his own, but many nieces and nephews. He moved to Maidenhead in 2011 when his employer relocated here, and is a graduate computer scientist working as a systems developer. He has worked in this industry all his adult life, on occasion in Europe and the USA. He has been politically active for many years, and is now settled enough here to stand for election.


Boyn Hill


Rachel Cook

Rachel Cook has been resident in various parts of England all her life (apart from studying in Leiden, Netherlands, as part of her law degree) and is a former private client solicitor. She is married, with three children who all attend local state schools.  She moved to Maidenhead in 2008 and has been out and about this year, planting wildflowers in conjunction with the RBWM “bright ideas” competition. This rewarding experience motivated her to stand as a local ward candidate for the first time.


Maidenhead Riverside


Craig McDermott

 Craig McDermott has lived in Maidenhead for 28 years and has stood twice before as a Green Party candidate in local elections here. He is currently an IT analyst for a bank in London.




Simon Beer

Simon Beer is married with 3 children and has lived in Windsor for the last 20 years. His children have all attended schools in Windsor. He is a chartered chemical engineer with a degree and Ph.D and now works for a software company supporting the pharmaceutical industry. He is a keen sportsman, runner and cyclist, and has coached rugby at WRFC. He firmly believes in local democracy and wants to work to make Windsor a town that everyone can enjoy living in, while maintaining a fair and equal society that gives opportunities to all.


Sunninghill & South Ascot


Rose Magill

Rose has lived in Ascot for the last 25 years with her husband and their 3 children (and a dog)  Having lived and worked in France she is a supporter of strong links with Europe and the mutual advantages that this brings. Rose is a teacher in her local secondary school and is the representative for the National Union of Teachers which supports having qualified teachers in every school.  She enjoys cycling and aims to encourage this with more safe cycle lanes in the borough.



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