Q&A: Outgoing Mayor of Windsor and Maidenhead Cllr Richard Kellaway on his time in the role

Q&A: Outgoing Mayor of Windsor and Maidenhead Cllr Richard Kellaway on his time in the role

Lucy Elder

Q&A: Outgoing Mayor of Windsor and Maidenhead Cllr Richard Kellaway on his time in the role

This week, Cllr Eileen Quick (Con, Clewer East) took over the civic role of Mayor of Windsor and Maidenhead from Cllr Richard Kellaway (Con, Bisham & Cookham).

Lucy Elder spoke to Cllr Kellaway about his year in the role and his personal highlights from performing the duty. Read what he had to say below.

A headless girl looks on during Cllr Richard Kellaway's mayoral visit to a Halloween pumpkin party in Windsor.


What has your experience as mayor been like overall?

“It has been wonderful. I think we had a pretty good idea of what it entailed.

“It takes you to all different parts of the borough you didn’t know before and many that we did know.”


What has been the highlight of your year as mayor?


“The Queen, when she lit the beacon for VE Day, that was a highlight.

“There’s various other occasions where we have come across the Queen across the year.

“I think that was probably the high spot.”


What are you going to miss most when you hand over your chains?


“I think meeting people. Both my wife and I do enjoy seeing different people and finding out where they come from and what they do.

“We have both been fairly active in various circles.

“We keep coming across people that we know or knew and renewing old acquaintances, and that has been really nice.”


What has been the funniest moment while you have been mayor?


“I have worn funny hats; I have been known to dance on at least three or four occasions.

“The one thing I did pass on to my deputy was abseiling down the front of the Windsor Macdonald Hotel.”


How many ribbons do you think you have cut?


“Half the time you don’t really cut them! Probably at least 20.”


Have you learnt anything about the Royal Borough that you didn’t know before?


“St Andrews Church in Clewer goes back to the 11th century and was there before the castle was being built.

“I find that very exciting.

“The castle was built in Clewer, not in Windsor.

“Old Windsor is the original Windsor.

“We must have gone round every single Anglican church in the borough. We have been pretty active in going around all the religions.”


How would you like your time as mayor to be remembered?


“I hope we were friendly!

“We do work very hard to talk to as many people as we possibly could.

“I do think it is part of the fun of being mayor you can go up and talk to anybody.

“We are very happy to have photographs taken with everybody.

“I have had emails of thanks back from all over the world.”


Any top tips for the new mayor?


“It’s an interesting role.

“I have got the most wonderful team in the town hall led by Alison (Singleton).

“It is all highly organised. You know where you are going, she gets it all sorted out.

“You have got fantastic support. Really, all you have to do is turn up and smile.”


Do you have a favourite bit of Mayor kit?


“We have got a variety of chains.

“We might wear the Old Windsor chain, which is historic and was given by George IV.

“There's a lovely Maidenhead one, large and gold, and a travelling chain.”


How are you going to fill your time now?


“It is a bit like a vacuum really.

“I am still on the council, waiting to see what jobs we get allocated by the leader.

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