In pictures: Gardening Windsor schoolchildren give St Leonard's Road plant pots a makeover

In pictures: Gardening Windsor schoolchildren give St Leonard's Road plant pots a makeover

Nicola Hine

In pictures: Gardening Windsor schoolchildren give St Leonard's Road plant pots a makeover

An army of young volunteers wielding trowels and watering cans set to work on a spot of gardening in St Leonard’s Road this week.

Pupils from The King's House School's gardening club take part in the planting


Children from Windsor schools were joined by students from Berkshire College of Agriculture (BCA) to give eight sorry-looking planters along the street a makeover.

Lavender, roses and lonicera nitida were among the plants placed in the pots by the green-fingered youngsters.

They included members of the gardening club from The King’s House School in Frances Road.

Reception teacher and head of the club, Zoe Holland, said: “They are budding gardeners and they were delighted to hear they could come and look after one of these planters.”

The pupils, aged between six and eight, are used to growing everything from trees and daffodils to courgettes and strawberries at their school.

Upton House School’s gardening group, who have their own allotment in Bolton Road, were also up to their elbows in plants during the session on Tuesday.

Director of studies Kate Newcombe said: “They go gardening every week anyway. We do potatoes, carrots, courgettes, at the moment we’ve got loads.”

Overseeing proceedings were level three horticulture students from BCA in Burchetts Green, who helped to plant up the pots.

The planting was arranged by Royal Windsor Rose and Horticultural Society (RWRHS), which has taken on responsibility for the eight planters in association with the Royal Borough.

It challenged schools to ‘adopt a pot’ and nurture it until the Royal Windsor Summer Show on July 18, when a winning pot will be picked.

Susann Laughton from RWRHS said: “As Windsor residents and volunteers of the local horticultural charity these sad-looking planters have been in our sight for a while. However, fixing them with no budget was a real challenge; we had to beg a lot of favours and organise many people.

"Our hard work was rewarded by seeing it all coming together on Tuesday; happy kids enjoying the planting, beautiful looking pots and appreciative locals offering their support. We knew then that we did the right thing, I just hope that everyone else will respect the passion and hard work gone into it.”

Windsor town manager Paul Roach was pleased the pots, which were last planted properly in 2012 for the Olympics, were being looked after.

Of the children, he said: “They’ve loved it. It’s great for them, doing something outside the school environment.”

Other schools involved in the planting are Brigidine School, Homer First School, Ryvers School, Clewer Green CE School, Queen Anne First School and St Mary’s Datchet.

Nearby businesses have partnered with the schools to water the pots for them.

RWRHS thanked and Windowflowers for supplying the plants.

Click here for details about the summer show.

RWRHS is still looking for businesses in the St Leonard’s Road area to help with watering the planters. Contact the society on 01752 449449.

See more photos from the planting below: 

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