Scheme to combat pre-drinking in the Royal Borough labelled a 'success'

Scheme to combat pre-drinking in the Royal Borough labelled a 'success'

Tara O'Connor

A scheme to combat pre-drinking in the Royal Borough 'worked successfully' during its first two weekends.

The 2drunk2 scheme was launched by Thames Valley Police (TVP) on June 26.

Participating bars and clubs in Windsor, Maidenhead and Ascot were armed with breathalysers and can now refuse entry to anyone deemed ‘too intoxicated’.

The advised limit by TVP is 70 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath, but venues are permitted to set their own tolerance level.

The scheme is a move to reduce ‘pre-loading’, when party-goers drink excessively before a night out to cut down costs.

Project lead, Sgt Neil Misselbrook from Maidenhead Police Station, said: “Ultimately, responsibility for how much a person drinks lies with the individual.

“The scheme worked successfully on its first two weekends.

“Members of the public were supportive of the scheme and those breathalysed understood why they were being asked to provide a sample."

A dip survey at one establishment, which has not been named, found half of the people breathalysed were subsequently refused entry because they were too drunk to enter.

Venues used the town link radio to inform other night-spots of people deemed too drunk, who could then also refused them entry.

Sgt Misselbrook added: "The breathalyser is a tool to assess a person’s level of intoxication other than an individual’s subjective opinion.

“It illustrated that having a breathalyser available assists licensed premises staff in situations where the question of intoxication is an issue.

“My message would be think carefully and enjoy yourself but always be aware of the impact alcohol has and the potential consequences.”

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